Wild Pride Amaretto Sweet
Brown Classic Tabby
​DOB: 4/12/2006
This girl is an older girl, but she has been a great mother for our cattery!  It is her turn to find her forever home!  Even though this girl has been a mother, she has also been our loving pet.  She loves to sleep on the bed with the kids and she is affectionate.  She is a dominate personality, but she will get along with other cats as long as they don't harass her.  She probably won't play with other cats, but she will ignore them and do  her own thing.  Even though she doesn't want to play with the other cats, she can still play with toys like crazy!  She acts like a kitten still if you get out a feather stick toy and shake it in the air for her. 
Amaretto gets along with kids and cat savvy dogs​.  She doesn't want to be chased constantly by a dog, but she doesn't mind their presence or if they come and investigate her. 
Amaretto isn't the largest girl, but she is a good size and she will fill out even more now that she is spayed.  Her hair is easy to maintain with an occasional brushing​.  She does have some mild seasonal allergies that make her sneeze once in awhile, especially in the spring and fall.  I do not treat these with medication, and they don't seem to bother her eating or functioning. 
She currently has babies, her last litter, and she will be ready to leave her babies to go to a new home mid-May!  Email or call for details!​
Because she is an older female, her adoption fee is very low.  She will come spayed and her vaccinations up to date!​